wall quilts

Xes (16″ x 16″), machine pieced, hand quilted
quadrangled (15″ x 15″) machine pieced, hand quilted
Sea Squares (15″ x 17″) machine pieced, hand quilted
Polly Gone (13.75″ x 13.75″) machine pieced, hand quilted
Creating Space (12.5″ x 12.5″) machine and hand quilted
One Foot on a Banana Peel (15″ x 15″) machine pieced, hand quilted
Calder Inspired (15″ x 15″) machine pieced, hand quilted
Lighten Up (26.5″ x 28.5″) machine pieced and quilted
Maritime (Time #1), Marla Varner, pennylanequilts
Maritime (Time #1), 21″ x 25.5″ hand dyed fabrics, machine pieced, hand quilted
Meander (38″ x 36.5″) machine pieced, machine and hand quilted
"tranquil" by Marla Varner, penny lane quilts
“tranquil” (28″ x 28″), hand dyed cottons, Essex yarn dyed linen, machine quilted
Byways, no.2 (33″ x 29.5″) Machine pieced and quilted
upcycled denim quilt
Mending Pile Morphed (29″ x 31″), upcycled fabrics, machine quilted
Summer Cabin, mini quilt, Marla Varner
Summer Cabin (14′ x 14′), machine quilted, published in Curated Quilts
Marla Varner, pennylanequilts, Byways, no. 1
Byways, no.1 (24.5″ x 23″) machine pieced and quilted
Ta-Ka-Radi (14″ x 11″) machine pieced, hand quilted
Good Will Junction, private collection
Rainbow Junction (25″ x 26.5″), private collection
Friendship Junction, private collection
Kinship, (14" x 14")
Kinship, (14″ x 14″), private collection
mini quilt, Marla Varner, penny lane quilts, hand quilted
private collection
Confetti, mini quilt for MQG swap 2018 Marla Varner, penny lane quilts
Confetti, MQG swap 2018, private collection
"jubilant" by Marla Varner
“jubilant” (28″ x 30″), hand dyed cottons, yarn dyed linen, matchstick quilting, private collection

Marla Varner

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