pillows, what’s not to love?

Pillows are one of my favorite projects to make. Each one is its own little composition, and it’s a great way to create something decorative and  functional  for your home. I think they make great gifts, too.

pillow, hand dyed fabrics, Marla Varner
improv piecing and hand dyed fabrics

If you want to try a new piecing technique,  a bit of free motion quilting or even some hand quilting, a pillow is a much smaller commitment than a quilt. Last month I experimented with some worn out jeans and some thrifted shirts.

upcycled denim pillows, Marla Varner
upcycled denim pillows
pillows made from upcycled shirts
pillows from upcycled shirts

Orphan blocks can find a new home in a pillow. A bit of special, long hoarded fabric can be featured in a place of honor. Experiment with a new color scheme and see where it takes you.

pillow, hand dyed fabrics, MarlaVarner
improv piecing with hand dyed fabrics
pillow made from hand dyed fabrics
improv piecing with hand dyed fabrics

What’s your favorite quilted project?

13 thoughts on “pillows, what’s not to love?”

  1. I have to say my favourite projects are the smaller easy quick finishes. I’m enthusiastic about a project at the beginning and when the end is in sight, but in the middle I start to lag and it becomes a bit of a slog, the shorter that time frame is the better! Plus they’re easy to quilt. if you can turn it into something useful like a cushion then it’s a real bonus. Love yours!


  2. Marla, they are all beautiful, but the last one is my fav! I like the quilting on the it. No matter the color, all of your hand dyed fabrics are fabulous together.

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